Folklore, myths, legends, what's the story behind them? How do they connect us to the feminine within each of us? 18+ only


Full episode list:

EPISODE 1 -  Folklore

EPISODE 2 - The Dance

EPISODE 3 -  Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

EPISODE 4 - Cups


Gratitude to these amazing sources: Womb Awakening; Initiatory Wisdom From The Creatrix of All Life The Subtle Body; An Encyclopedia of your Enegetic Anatomy, By Cyndi Dale

My incredible Spirit Guides

Full episode list:




EPISODE 2: ROOT CHAKRA - Kundalini - Meditation Station


EPISODE 3: SACRAL CHAKRA - Himalayan Bonpo Chakra Model - Meditation Station


EPISODE 4: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - The Mayan Energy System - Meditation Station


EPISODE 5: HEART CHAKRA - Cherokee Energy System - Meditation Station


EPISODE 6: THROAT CHAKRA - The Incan Energy Model - Meditation Station


EPISODE 7: 3RD EYE CHAKRA - The Qollahuayas - Meditation Station


EPISODE 8: CROWN CHAKRA - The 12 chakra system - Meditation Station

Gratitude to these amazing sources:

The Subtle Body; An Encyclopedia of your Enegetic Anatomy, By Cyndi Dale

Anatomy of the Spirit; The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, By Caroline Myss

My incredible Spirit Guides

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