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Reiki Infused Wellness + Meditation Kits


Instructions: To use, untie the bundle. Light the tip of a Palo Santo stick for about 20 seconds and blow out the flame. Let it smolder to smudge and release the scent. You can smudge the rose as well. When finished extinguish in water or sand. The Selenite stone can be used to meditate with, or placed nearby clearing unwanted energies. To meditate with: Place the stone underneath or above your feet, grounding and centering you. Keep it there for the duration of the meditation. If meditating lying down, you can place it on any one of your chakras. Selenite is also a self-clearing stone, so you can also place it next to other stones cleansing the other stones.


Embraced with hemp string, each roll contains:


Palo Santo Holy Wood

Sustainably sourced from Ecuador, this natural incense is used to bless homes and remove unwanted energy. Ancient Inca's used Palo Santo for medicinal purposes, ceremonies, energy cleansing, and more. Priests and Shamans around the world continue to use Palo Santo in blessings and ceremonies today. The Palo Santo Tree is the cousin of Frankincense, so they smell very similar.


Selenite Crystal

Sourced from Morocco, Selenite is named after the Goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is known for its removal of energy blockages within the body, emotional balancing properties, and helps clear and protects spaces from unwanted energies.


A Rose

Out of all the flowers, roses have the highest vibration.


Reiki Infused

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of relaxation that promotes healing in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Anything can be infused with Reiki! For more information on Reiki, visit the What Is Reiki page.


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