"If ever there was a resistant person towards the belief that any type of energy healing was "real", it would have been me. Until I met this amazing woman named Kristina from Reiki and Roll. She completely understood and empathized with my position and also saw that I was suffering tremendously from the grief of just losing my mother, and also from the devastating effects of my autoimmune disorder which had reared its ugly head in my fragile state. I was desperate and my meds were no longer helping. She saw where I was and that I was scared to try Reiki. Through educating me more on this practice, she made me feel comfortable to at least try it once. Little did I know, the second I trusted her and allowed myself to be vulnerable, open, and willing, everything changed. Never did I expect to feel such an amazing warmth and energy pulsate and wave through my body in such a magical and undeniable real way. Everything changed from that moment on. This was a form of healing that touched my soul like nothing ever has. The peace and calm that encapsulated me helped me to heal myself in ways I never imagined. It was truly magical. I believe that Kristina's true passion, warmth, understanding, and genuine gift in the Reiki practice was what made ALL the difference. I am truly blessed and grateful to have had her introduce me to this ancient practice and for showing me the power that works through her works only for my highest good. I encourage EVERYONE to try it! You will see for yourself what can happen." -Caroline H.


"Reiki...I have never experienced something like it before. It was indeed a spiritual experience never to be forgotten. 45 minutes I lay there with my eyes closed, trembling, and the tears didn't stop flowing. It was as if through her hands a divine light reached inside my soul and wrestled with all my inner demons. So much turmoil and yet I felt safe. I felt open. I felt cleansed. A quietness inside came over me and peace...wow... I slept that night as if making up for endless sleepless ones... and that was a big deal. Huge...no nightmares...no anxiety...just stillness. I highly recommend Reiki with Kristina...go in with an openness and come out shiny and sparkling." -Angela K.


"My anxiety was off the charts this week. Once I had my Reiki session I was able to sleep a full night and woke up refreshed and calmer." -Rebecca K.


"Kristina saved me from my headaches! She only did 5 min of Reiki on me and it was so calming and peaceful. I felt the healing energy all around me. It was awesome! If she can do that in just 5 min I imagine her longer sessions are amazing and worth it! Highly recommend Kristina!" -Maggie S.

"Kristina is nothing less than AMAZING!!! I was in so much pain and my neck and shoulders were tied up in knots. After our session I felt relaxed, renewed, and a significant relief from the pain I was experiencing. By the next day the pain was completely gone! I was shocked at how much better I felt!! I also suffer from depression and intense anxiety and she was able to soothe that as well.  She even did a little on my hyper cat, who instantly calmed down. So cool! She is literally a miracle worker and I can't recommend her enough. I can't wait for my next session!" -Jenny B.


"Hey Kristina, I wanted to drop you a text about the wonderful results I enjoy after you do Reiki on me. You have relieved my arthritis pain, fixed the pain I had for a week in my ear, and most recently cleared the congestion from my head. Thank you. You are amazing. Love you." -Jackie R.


"Hi Kristina. Wanted to share some good news! On my 7th round of chemo yesterday, my CT scans came back with 50-70% reduction in tumor size in lungs, liver, and colon! And blood cancer markers went down from 252 to 09.9!  So relieved and grateful the treatment is working....This is better than normal...The treatments: meds, Reiki, herbs, and oils are helping me heal!!!" -Azan K.


"I felt emotionally clogged and unclear about some life decisions before asking Kristina about a possible Reiki session. She performed a distant 24 hour session which I started feeling from across the country that day and into the next. It improved my mental and emotional capacity, cleared my intuition, and lowered anxiety. I highly recommend Kristina's Reiki sessions for someone who might be receiving unclear feelings and messages from past lives or relatives." -Lucy R.


"I have used Kristina Karim on multiple occasions to perform Reiki on me. At the time, I was in need of healing for a few different reasons and I had heard really positive things about Reiki. Kristina was recommended to me from my wife. I highly recommend everyone try Reiki and I can say from my amazing experience with Kristina that she must be one of the best you can see!" -Matt B.


"I am currently a breast cancer patient recently had a double mastectomy. I had been experiencing pain and uncomfortableness around my drains for a few days. Kristina reached out to me knowing my health issues and asked if she could do Reiki. I agreed and was told to sit back, relax, and close my eyes. During this time I experienced a sensation that I had never felt - I could hear the beat of my heart in my ears and a warmness enveloped my body. Once Kristina finished she asked me how I was feeling. I explained what I had felt and could still feel what I would describe as energy in my ears and how I was warm. The pain around my drains immediately subsided and as of this date I remain pain-free. -Alex S. K. 


"During our initial consultation Kristina was very knowledgeable and quickly made me comfortable. Kristina took the time to understand me and my situation which translated into a deep mental and physically rewarding session. Following our consult, I experienced overall relaxation and mental alignment well beyond my expectations! I experienced vivid dreams and a sense of conclusion regarding some issues I had been holding close. In addition, the stress pains in my shoulder were greatly reduced, something Kristina was able to directly tap into and manipulate.Thank you so much! Will be back for more." -Miles S.





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