Classes and Coaching

Reiki Level I, II, and Advanced/Master Level Courses & Attunements

When you are ready to create space in your life so you can have your own Reiki self-practice or want to give Reiki to others, these in-depth group Reiki courses and attunements are available. Level I, II, and Advanced/Master classes will connect you with your higher self and honor the lineage of Reiki while diving deep into ancient knowledge, it's history, and getting attuned. 

Private Mentorship Coaching & Guidance Sessions 

As you embark on your personal journey, or are in the process, mentorship coaching and guidance sessions are available to you. Whether you want to learn more yet you just don't know the questions to ask, feel stuck, or are interested in adding more tools to your toolbox, these sessions are a guiding path towards your own expansion.

*Private Classes and Coaching available


Reiki Level I

Foundational teachings of Reiki. Learn about it's history, receive an ancient Tibetian Symbol, how to do Self Reiki, how to do original eastern Reiki in a chair, receive the Reiki Level I attunement, and more.


Reiki Level II

Diving deeper into the teachings. You will receive three Sacred Reiki symbols, how to use them, learn how to hold a Reiki session from start to finish, receive the Reiki Level II attunement, and receive additional tools for practicing on others and yourself. 

Reiki Level Advanced/Master Teacher

The most advanced teachings. You will learn how to hold space for others, will be given the Master Symbol, and learn how to pass along attunements. The symbols needed to attune will be given and you will receive the Reiki Master attunement.


"As a life long practicing Catholic, I was skeptical about Reiki until Kristina cleansed, aligned, and attuned me. it was a life-changing experience which I will never forget. I was fortunate enough to first smell the wonderful kitchens of the late ladies who raised me, my mom aunt and grandmother. Then I felt their presence in the room and was able to communicate with them. It was like being struck with a warm embracing lightning bolt of love and compassion. I cried like a happy baby. I will never be the same. I am forever grateful to Kristina, Reverend Reiki Master, Karim. She bridged a gab I thought impossible. Thank you, really." -Tom D.
"I wasn't sure what the Level 1 Reiki Class entailed; I was called to do it and the timing fit my busy schedule. I went in open to whatever spirit was guiding me to do. Kristina's passion and knowledge of Reiki had me at the edge of my seat. Like a child listening with extreme focus of a story, waiting for the next sentence... I was soaking up her wealth of knowledge. She was so inviting and warm, I felt safe and grounded. She's a natural. Thank you for the attunement, it was definitely an experience that I will never forget, and I look forward to learning more in Level 2." -Frankie K.
"My experience with Kristina was life-changing. In so many ways I am not the same person after spending the day with Kristina and learning Reiki I. Kristina is knowledgeable, educated, and very clear in her teaching. She brings a caring and compassion that only comes from loving what she does. She is patient in her instruction as she teaches the necessary skills for Reiki I. I highly recommend Kristina as a teacher and educator of Reiki." -Sue M.

“This is a testimonial for Kristina Karim Reiki Master Teacher. She attuned me on Master Level 3/23-3/24 2019, in my home in Pasadena, CA. Kristina was very thorough in her teaching, and she reattuned me in Level I & II. She took the time and went over details and information that honors the lineage of Reiki and its Master Teachers. I feel confident in my new Master Level attunement as we practiced and I attuned 2 persons. She made it fun and most important clear, and by reiterating the important facts to keep the lineage as well as everyone safe and protected. With her kind voice her wisdom shone through. She held space for herself and me. It was a unique experience and I am ever grateful. Thank you, she comes highly recommended. Blessings, Carolina”

Reiki is not licensed by the State of California. Complimentary healing arts, such as Reiki, do not require licensing by the State of California.